The solar thermal involves harnessing of energy from the Energy of SOL to produce heat , which can be used for producing hot water for drinking water, either hot water (DHW), heating or air conditioning , by absorption machines, which use heat to produce cold.Being a user of solar thermal energy not only means saving on the bill for gas, diesel or electricity, but also implies contributing to a benefit for society and the environment.

AFFIRMA Solar Energy has a large technical team with extensive experience that will design a project according to the needs of its installation. Through the vacuum tube and flat collectors, from prestigious international manufacturers with the accreditation of the Ministry of Industry, together with top quality components, you will obtain from the first day the advantages of having a thermal system of great solvency.

Why Invest in Solar Thermal Energy?

  • High Profitability: Energy Saving: The savings (up to 60%) obtained by the production of Sanitary Hot Water (ACS) with solar thermal energy will become a cost savings in your company / home.
  • Subsidies: The commitment of public institutions with more efficient energy facilities, translates into subsidies of various types depending on the nature of the installation and its location.
  • Attractive Return on Investment: Through its thermal installation in addition to achieving considerable savings you will have an attractive amortization of your installation.
  • Useful life facilities: 25 years Lasting investment. The amortization of your solar thermal installation will be carried out in just 8 years, if not less, while its installation will have a minimum useful life of 25 years.
  • Commitment to the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. Not only will it actively contribute to the preservation of the environment, but it will also be able to commercially use its activity committed to society and sustainable growth.